Equityval Escrow Solutions

Kick-start a secure transition of funds for a wide range of transactions across borders. Our service facilitates the smooth flow of transactions between buyers and sellers online using a transparent process.

A lot of traders for the sake of security have resorted to the use of escrow services. With the record amount of stolen funds and scam events over the years, one can never be too careful, hence the need for escrow services.

Benefit for the seller

Many small business owners choose Equityval escrow to conduct online transactions and transfers, be it a high-value transaction or a small value transaction. If you have never met the person you are conducting business with, it is ideal for exercising caution and transacting in a secure way without worries.

Here the seller is assured of the intent and ability of the buyer to pay since the escrow account will be funded by the buyer before items are sent.

Equityval escrow services are not limited to cross-border transaction of goods and services, but also Ideal for fixed asset transactions. If you are investing in fixed assets such as equipments, machinery and other types of investment wtih large amounts of cash and extended processing times, it is required you empoy the services of equityval escrow to ptotect your funds until the end of the transaction.